Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY

Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY


The American Dream is to own your own home.  It is important to one’s self esteem and family.  Credit problems are something that many families or individuals worry about.  But don’t despair, even if you have credit problems HANDS offers homeownership counseling to assist you in being able to pursue the “American Dream” of homeownership.  Pre-purchase counseling defines and points the way to solving problems.

A certified counselor will assist families or individuals in overcoming barriers that keep them from becoming homeowners.  They will help them understand what is on their credit report, how to correct or improve items encouragement and support as the family works to become mortgage ready.

The counselor can also help create and maintain a sustainable budget for the homeowner.

Some banks require that you have a Pre-purchase certificate before acquiring a mortgage loan.  HANDS has Homeownership classes or Homeownership One-On-One session to be able to acquire a Pre-purchase certificate. Please refer to HANDS Financial Classes for details.