Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY

Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY


HANDS counselors are here to help provide assistance for a family to remain in their home, by seeing if they can qualify for Unemployment Bridge Program or assisting them on getting a loan modification with their service lender.  

Protect My KY Home - Unemployment Bridge Program

Unemployment Bridge Program (UBP) can help make your mortgage payments up to 6 months or $10,000, whichever comes first.   Mortgage loan balance can not exceed $275,000

To qualify for the UBP you must have experience one of the following in the last 3 years:

  • Be approved or received unemployment and still have a 15% lost of income
  • Have a 15% reduction of income to no vault of your own (examples: hours being cut, wages cut, and etc.)
  • Approved for long-term disability after you had acquired your mortgage
  • Your mortgage lender must be a participating service lender with the UBP (your service lender will have final decision if you are approved for the program)

To apply for the UBP you will need to download and complete the Unemployment Bridge Program packet and the HANDS Forms - Monthly Expenses vs Income, Counseling Agreement, Counseling Disclosure and Privacy Policy.  Once completed scan, email the packet, forms and all supporting documents back to help@handsinc.net or 

you can fax the information to 270-796-8203

NOTE: UBP has been allocated a limited amount of funds and once it has been exhausted the program will end.  We suggest that you submit your completed application in a timely manner, so UBP funds can be reserved.  If the application is missing anything it will hold up the process of applying and reserving funds for the UBP.

If you do not qualify for the UBP, HANDS  counselor can offer you financial counseling and assist with trying to get a loan modification with your service lender. 

If you have any questions you can contact us by emailing help@handsinc.net or

 call 270-796-4176.

Unemployment Bridge Program Packet

Monthly Expenses vs Income Worksheet

Please complete this worksheet with your current monthly expenses and income

Download PDF

HANDS Counseling Agreement

Please read and complete Client Section on Page 2

Download PDF

Counseling Disclosure

Please read and sign/date

Download PDF

Privacy Policy

Please read and select either Opt-out or Release on page 2

Download PDF