Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY

Low Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KYLow Income Housing in Bowling Green, KY


A budget will have anything you spend money on each month, periodically through the year and for big purchases in the future.  

A budget takes a few months to workout all the kinks and make adjustments to get a good balance budget.  

A budget needs to maintained and followed each month to be able to: 

  • pay your bills on time (mortgage/rent, utilities, loans and etc) 
  • have money for flexible items (food, gasoline, child care expenses and etc)
  • have money saved for periodically expenses that may only need paid once every 3 months, 6 months or once a year (car taxes, auto insurance, garbage bill and etc), 
  • to save money for wanted items and/or purchases (vacation, down payment on a home, computer, and etc).

A budget will need to be adjusted if 

  • your household income changes (get a raise, change jobs, lose a job and etc)
  • if you add an expense or no longer have an expense (get a loan, get a credit card, pay off a loan, pay off debt and etc)
  • if monthly expenses changes (move - rent changes, have a child, cost of living increases and etc)

Starting, adjusting and maintaining a budget can be overwhelming and you may need assistance with your budget. HANDS is here to help assist you with your budget.  

To get assist please contact HANDS @ 270-796-4176 or email help@handsinc.net